The Sound Women podcast hears from people doing amazing things on British radio, both on-air and behind the scenes.

Sound Women Podcast: Breakfast of Champions

In this edition of the podcast, Sound Women’s Nicki Bannerman chairs the Breakfast Radio panel special. She is joined by Edith Bowman (Virgin Radio), A.Dot (BBC 1Xtra) and Charlie Hedges (Kiss FM).

They discuss their roles in breakfast radio, side projects, how to get ahead, top tips for breaking into the industry and much more.

We’ll also be talking to Heidi Secker from regional breakfast show Heart East Anglia – she discusses her background in radio, how to keep going in the face of rejection and tips on how to approach broadcasters for advice.

This episode was produced by Shola Aleje.

Thanks to Sound Women supporters Virgin Radio for letting us use their amazing new studios to record this episode and also  to The Angel hotel in Bury St Edmunds for hosting Heidi Secker interview.

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