The Sound Women podcast hears from people doing amazing things on British radio, both on-air and behind the scenes.

Helen Zaltzman takes us on a journey through American Audio. We meet Andrea Silenzi – presenter and creator of Why oh Why? and producer on commercial podcast network Panoply – as she navigates exciting opportunities becoming available in the industry. Sarah Geiss from Chicago’s Third Coast Festival shares her tips on getting your work heard internationally. Ann Heppermann (This American Life, Radiolab) tells us why ‘audio-fiction’ is the next audio-frontier. And 99% Invisible‘s Katie Mingle talks to Helen about what goes into making a show (clue: more wikipedia research than you’d think).

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This month’s podcast was produced by Ros Fraser and is available to listen to on inRadio and AudioBoom.

Upcoming podcasts will cover topics including podcasting and voice-over work. The podcast will also be produced by Sound Women members, so if you’re interested in working with some great talent, make sure your membership is up to date and get in touch!

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