The Sound Women Mentoring Scheme 2015-2016

We believe that training and mentoring are two of the best ways to develop women in the audio industry.  So we are thrilled to announce that our Sound Women Mentoring Scheme is back, with the support of the BBC, Creative Skillset, and Somethin’ Else.

SW LR Mentees

The scheme will run from November 2015 – to May 2016, and include a minimum of 6 sessions with a mentor.

We will match mentees and mentors with the aim of meeting the respective needs and objectives of each mentee. All mentors will have considerable experience in their field.

We know it makes a difference.  Here’s what some of our previous mentees have said:

“It’s given me self-belief in what I’m doing.  She has given me focus & practical tips.  She’s a straight talker & ‘gets me’.  I really can’t thank her enough.”

“I’ve grown in confidence and I have done things that are out of my comfort zone but have benefited me greatly. I have learnt tactics and skills that have helped me deal with people and difficult situations and I pushed myself further in my career.”

“I found one of my main problems was an inability to think clearly and with focus about how I was going to make progress in my radio career. My mentor’s helped me break down the tasks and thinking I need to do in order to really reflect about what my next moves should be. I felt utterly overwhelmed before and she’s helping me pull out the individual threads. It’s brilliant!”

If You’d Like to Have a Mentor

There are 10 places open for Sound Women mentees.

The scheme is free to enter, but is open to Sound Women Members only.  If you are interested and not yet a member of Sound Women please click here to sign up.

We ask for a minimum requirement of two years working in audio. This can include BBC, Commercial, Online, Community and Student Radio as well as Podcasting, Digital, Audiobooks and Radio Sales and Marketing.

We are particularly interested in hearing from women who we know from Creative Skillset’s research sometimes struggle to progress in the industry. These include:

• Women working in technical areas
• Women with caring responsibilities
• Women who are 35+ and at risk of leaving the industry
• Women who are BAME
• Women with a disability

However the scheme is open to anyone who fits the criteria, at any stage in their career.

An additional 5 places (on top of the 10) will be available for women working at Somethin’ Else.  These places have been separately funded by Somethin’ Else.

Find out more about being a Sound Woman mentee here.


If You’d Like to Be a Mentor

Find out more about what’s involved here.