The presenter Amy Voce, is one half of the award-winning ‘Sam and Amy’ breakfast show on Gem 106.


Amy recently held a session at one of our recent events where the biggest talking points were networking and how to tackle online criticism.

You can read her blog ‘Sound Women. Networking. Trolls’ here.


The ‘Sam and Amy’ breakfast show on Gem 106 – Gold award winners for ‘Music Radio Personality’ of the year at The Radio Academy Awards 2014, along with the bronze award for ‘Best Breakfast Show’.

Monday-Friday, 6-10am. 

Where The Magic Began – The Sound Women London Salon

This month we say a MASSIVE thanks to Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha aka Nage for hosting the first Sound Women salon of 2015. For the uninitiated, our ‘salons’ are a sociable affair, a laid-back get-together for anyone working in sound. All are welcome.

Here Nage talks about the event…

I was asked to host the first Sound Women London Salon of 2015 way back in May 2014. Admittedly, I thought “Why not? It’s pretty easy, little stress, it’s just networking and drinking really”. Now that the Salon has been and gone, I can see that I seriously underestimated just how uplifting, encouraging, practical, educative and enjoyable the Salon would be!

On Tuesday 27th Jan, a group of radio enthusiasts, met for the first time at The Plough, Museum St, London. As everyone arrived, the atmosphere was immediately relaxed as we all grabbed a drink at the bar and casually got to know each other.

Once we had all settled, I did a “formal” welcome and introduction, inviting everyone to state who they were and what they do, radio-wise. As it was the start of 2015, it also felt right to ask everyone to explain what we would like to achieve career-wise this year.

This is where the magic began!

For the next two or so hours, everyone was so giving with advice that we ran out of time! One person wanted to know how to ask her employer for feedback; another was struggling to get high profile guests for the community radio station she works on; someone else wanted to move from a stable job to freelance work, others were struggling with the opposite – moving from freelancing to a permanent job. There were many more dilemmas that others were more than happy to offer advice on. Some even gave concrete phone numbers and email addresses of useful contacts.

The London Salon was SUCH a positive and uplifting event. It left people motivated and importantly, provided each of us with people who can hold us accountable, making sure we all do what we have set out to do this year.

So keep you eyes and ears close to all things Sound Women because if you’d like to meet others in radio, feel encouraged and just have a relaxed and enjoyable evening, you need to come on down to the next Sound Women London Salon.

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Podcast News

One thing we’re really proud of here at Sound Women is our podcast.

Each month our crack team of Cheeka Eyers, Penny Bell, Helen Zaltzman and their guests, produce a lively and entertaining audio treat.

We’ve learnt so much about the wonderful world of radio and sound just by listening – tips on how to survive working on a breakfast show; how to make freelancing work and why it’s okay to admit you don’t know what you’re doing.

Since day one the podcast has been hosted by the award-winning podcaster Helen Zaltzman… until now.

Helen, Cheeka and Penny are moving on – we’re a bit sad as they’ve done such a great job and they’ll be missed greatly, but we wish them all the best.

Sad as we are, we’re pleased to say the podcast will continue. Watch this space!

Listen to the final Sound Women podcast from Helen, Penny and Cheeka.

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